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We work with a range of communications companies, delivering high quality solutions to meet their testing requirements.

TR-249 Performance Test Solution

Integrated Performance Test Solution for Vectored VDSL2 Systems

Powerful but easy to use software runs on an external PC controlling all test instruments including Telebyte’s VxT-48 XTalk Emulator plus the DSLAM to provide a turnkey test solution.

Vectored VDSL2 Testing Solution

  • Vectored VDSL2 interoperability performance testing
  • TR-249 performance collocated and non-collocated tests.
  • Specifically designed to test Vectored VDSL2 (G993.5) equipment.
  • Controls the Telebyte VxT-48 xTalk Emulator for Vectored VDSL2 testing.
  • Alternatively, may control switching for a Cable Farm environment
  • Automatic report generation.
  • Software available for controlling DSLAMs from different vendors. eg Alcatel, Huawei.
  • Software available for controlling line simulators and noise generators from major suppliers.
For further information please provide us with your details at the following: Request specification

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