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We work with a range of communications companies, delivering high quality solutions to meet their testing requirements.

Advanced VDSL2 Vectored Testing

New integrated test solution provides efficient, cost-effective in-house interoperability and conformance testing for Vectored VDSL2 products and services

Incorporating a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control Vectored VDSL2 test environments for modem testing, the AIMS International solution allows stringent testing according to global specifications published by the Broadband Forum and the NICC (BBF TR-249 and NICC 1436).

Vectored VDSL2 Testing Solution

  • Perform tests according to BBF TR249, NICC 1436.
  • Control various DSLAM types, eg Alcatel, Huawei, etc.
  • Control Telebyte VxT48 xTalk Emulator for Vectored VDSL2 performance testing.
  • Control Cable Farm cross-connect switching.
  • Control external Noise Generators.
  • Use supplied BBF TR-249 Test Profiles.
  • Obtain and compare Net Data Rate in Single, FEXT and Vectored modes for all channels
  • Obtain Hlog, SNR, SNRM etc. for all channels in vectored group
For further information please provide us with your details at the following: Request specification

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