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We work with a range of communications companies, delivering high quality solutions to meet their testing requirements.

Custom DSLAM Control GUI

      For users that already have an actual DSLAM installed in their test laboratory, these software packages provide an intuitive, test orientated format, GUI to control the DSLAM, line simulator and noise generator.

      Powerful but easy to use GUI runs on external PC and allows users to:

  • Set and monitor data rates, noise margins, noise protection, errors, and save setup and status logs.
  • Carry out line (DELT) and remote CPE diagnostics.
  • Control external Line Simulators and Noise Generators.
  • Use supplied Broadband Forum TR-100, TR-114 Test Profiles or create user custom Test Profiles.
  • Use the CLI (Command Line Interface) to integrate into test scripts.

  • For more information about the Custom DSLAM Control GUI please download the brochure or contact us on

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