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We work with a range of communications companies, delivering high quality solutions to meet their testing requirements.

  • Multiple modem testing
  • Simple to use
  • Fast repair/production testing
  • Automatic Processing
  • Report Generation

CTS (CPE Test Station)

A versatile test solution which will provide both fast and low cost testing of CPE. It is designed for use in CPE production or CPE repair environments.
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New Product

Telebyte TR-127 Splitter Testing Solution

Essential testing to ensure IPTV services are not interrupted by POTS.
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Set Top Box Video Quality Tester

VQM Test solution for video performance measurements, manual GUI and automatic test sequencer software. Integrated test solution available.
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ADSL2 / ADSL2+ CPE Performance Test Unit (CPTU)

A versatile DSLAM unit with Windows software for full control and status data for CPE performance testing. Download Brochure.

VDSL2 CPE Testing Station

Performance testing, functional verification, interoperability and conformance testing of CPE equipment in an integrated test solution. Download Brochure.


A versatile custom GUI to control vendor's DSLAM equipment with full control for a test environment. Download Brochure.

Test Sequencers

DSL Forum TR-100 (Annex A & B), TR-067 (Annex A & B), or custom test sequencers for automatic test execution. Download Brochures.

Line & Noise Simulation Verification

Measurement traceability of line and noise simulation with the easy-to-use verification software. Download Brochures.

Automatic Report Generation

DSL Forum compliant reports with the touch of a button. Download Brochures.

Telebyte Products

AIMS(INT) are official distributors for Telebyte products. We provide integrated test solutions which allow full control of Telebyte hardware from software GUI's.

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