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We work with a range of communications companies, delivering high quality solutions to meet their testing requirements.

AIMS Set-Top Box Video Quality Tester

      STB VQM Tester Main Features:

  • Full reference video testing - it compares the degraded video with a reference video sequence
  • Reliable objective video Quality of Experience (QoE) testing for Set Top Boxes (STBs).
  • Correlation between the video mean opinion score (MOS) and subjective QoE tests.
  • High flexibility and compatibility with different STBs and transmission methods.
  • Option for testing IPTV over DSL is provided, where the DSL link is subjected to environmental effects incl. crosstalk, impulse noise and repetitive impulse noise (REIN).
  • Automatic test solutions for batch capture, batch measurement , continuous capture/measurement.

  • Download Brochure.

    For more information about the STB VQM Tester please contact us on
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