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We work with a range of communications companies, delivering high quality solutions to meet their testing requirements.

Welcome to the AIMS (INT) website

The experts in All DSL Interoperability Measurement Solutions.

AIMS International releases the CTS_AutoMax Test Solution

CTS_AutoMax Test Solution

The New DSL Test Platform software tool is designed to test and verify the functionality of DSL (VDSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL) modems.

The test system allows modem Repair companies, modem Manufacturers, Telecomm Operators to perform testing and verification on 100s of modems per day or 1000s of modems per month.

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AIMS International introduces the dBm069 Test Software

dBm069 Test Software

The New dBm069 test software solution for testing compliance of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to TR-069.

The PC based software automates TR- 069 testing using its built-in proprietary ACS.

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AIMS Test Equipment Hire for SIN498 testing

AIMS Test Equipment Hire for SIN498 testing

Needing DSLAMs, Line Simulation or Noise Generation test equipment for SIN498 testing?

Contact AIMS and check availability.

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Additional AIMS products

CTS+ (CPE Test Station) - VDSL2 More Info

AIMS Vectored VDSL2 Testing solution More Info

Telebyte VxT- 48 xTalk Emulator for Vectored VDSL2 Testing More Info

AIMS Set-Top Box VQM Test Solution More Info

"AIMS software complements Telebyte hardware perfectly, giving the customer a fully integrated solution for testing ADSL2+ and VDSL2 equipment"

Michael Breneisen, CEO Telebyte Inc., USA

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AIMS (INT) is a worldwide supplier of interoperability test software and hardware to the DSL industry.

AIMS (INT) provides a wide range of products and integrated solutions for testing DSLAM, modem and splitter equipment according to the Broadband Forum�s technical Reports. The solutions include Test Suite Sequencers, GUIs controlling; line simulator, noise generator, matrix switch and DSLAM, plus integrated test station solutions for production testing of CPE.

International from day one, AIMS (INT) has customers and distributors around the globe.

For further information please visit the products and services pages, or alternatively you can contact us.

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